Bendigo Remembrance Park

70 Carpenter Street, Bendigo VIC 3550

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Notable Graves

To be in the Bendigo Remembrance Park is to stand among a remarkable collection of artefacts reflecting the city’s golden past. It gives you a sense of the energy our provincial City of Bendigo once experienced.

Land for the Bendigo Remembrance Park was first reserved by the Colonial Government in 1857. This Remembrance Park has also been known as the Back Creek Cemetery, Sandhurst Cemetery and the Bendigo Cemetery.

The internal roadways and paths, fence and gates, two rotundas, cast iron signage, Sextons lodge, mortuary chapel and symbolic plantings of trees enhance the grounds’ aesthetic qualities, as do the memorials, forming a major visual element of the cemetery landscape.

The first registered interment at Back Creek Cemetery was of Ellen Mowbray Murphy, on February 1st 1858 aged 3 ½ years.

The multi-denominational mortuary chapel (1873) was designed by Cemetery Surveyor and Bendigo Town Clerk, George Avery Fletcher and was erected by George Pallett. It was constructed of Harcourt granite, complete with Gothic Revival detailing.

From the rapid changes driven by the Gold Rush, to now being one of the largest regional cities and tourist destinations, Bendigo will always be thriving from the efforts of our past.